Why 5 Day Preschool?

Many people wonder why their 4 or 5 year-old should attend preschool five days a week rather than just three days.  Here at Discovery Time Preschool our five day kids get SO much more!  Those two extra days provide even smaller class sizes.  This allows your child even more one on one time with our teachers.  Our five day program hosts a special field trip nearly once a month.  We believe going to school five partial days a week is better preparation for when your child begins Kindergarten all day, five days a week.  But you don’t have to take our word for it;  See the testimonials below!


My son has absolutely loved the five day a week preschool that Discovery Time offered for the first time this year. He has learned so much and experienced even more. Being a boy and looking to kindergarten in just one short year, the five day preschool offered my son a better transitional year to prepare him for the rigorous demands that are now expected of our children. Thanks to the teachers and aides at Discovery Time, my son knows all his upper and lower case letters, can count well past 50, has learned about local businesses, and made friendships that will last well beyond his years of preschool.

Sarah Diley, mother and teacher


Hi my name is Jenelle Vargas; I am a Kindergarten teacher at Northwest Primary in Canal Fulton. My daughter Avery is 4 years old and has been with Discovery Time Preschool this year in their Pre-k (3 days a week) class. As a teacher I am always looking for a well-rounded Pre-k program for my children to really prepare them for Kindergarten. I have definitely found that at Discovery Time Preschool! I am looking forward to sending Avery next year for the 5-day a week program! I tell parents and friends of mine every year how important it is to send their child to preschool to help prepare them for Kindergarten, socially and academically. Sending children 3 days a week is wonderful, it gives them a feel for what school will be like. However, as a teacher I strongly recommend a 5-day a week pre-k or transitional kindergarten class for children. Kindergarten is not what it used to be, we now learn how to read books, write sentences, sit longer and “keep it together” for a 7-hour school day. I would love to see all local preschools offer a 5-day a week (half or full day) program to really prepare our little ones for the primary grades! Discovery Time Preschool is offering this to us and I can’t wait to watch my daughter really blossom next year and prepare even more for Kindergarten!

Jenelle Vargas, Kindergarten Teacher, Northwest Primary School


My son, Logan, has been attending Discovery Time Preschool for the last three years. He has had the opportunity to work with the most educationally sound and compassionate teachers throughout his journey. They have provided him with all of the skills and strategies he will need in order to have a successful year in kindergarten.  Logan also had the opportunity to attend the 5-day program provided by Discovery Time Preschool. This program has allowed for him to “discover” his community and learn in a more hands-on environment. He loved learning about authors at the public library, which helped him to author his own book. Also, he was thrilled with the fact that he was able to actively participate in making his own pizza at one of our community’s pizza shops. Finally, he attended a local florist’s shop where they showed him how to prepare flower arrangements. During this entire program, he and his classmates were welcomed into the community with open arms to explore their environment, which made learning fun and engaging. I am so grateful that my child had the opportunity to partake in what Discovery Time Preschool has to offer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Jennifer Tirbovich, Intervention Specialist, Northwest Middle School